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I google image searched scalloped frame and thats what worked for me just in case anyone was curious!!! thanks for all your nice comments!! Kiley
what do you call the image/ design around the monogram, so I can search for a template on the internet! it is driving me crazy I am not finding much luck, I am looking for one with more design than the one shown though. Is it emblem, plaque, ? with those searches I don't find much luck either. thanks!  
Yes I sent the person that posted the pic a message and he said they were bought at Walmart!! Ugh so bumbed I thought they look so neat!!
I know I thought those might be it too, but then the letters on my pic are raised not stamped! I tried google and am not having luck.
The teal color is what I am wondering about. Would just teal work or is something added? Thanks!!
ok, I actually think I might have that wilton spray, Are there cutters out there that small that go up that little in size to make a ring like that? I might need to google search.
yes I do use an eight inch board for an 8 inch cake but when I do use my bench scraper and frost it, the cake will still show through so its like my cake really doesn't shrink all that much! So I am thinking I need to make my own or buy a different brand, maybe some brands are different sizes idk lol. I would like to try and smooth a nice cake with just butter cream but it seems impossible when this happens because I use the cake board and scraper to get straight sides. I...
Hi, I have been doing cakes for a while but I usually cover with fondant so this didn't reall matter that much but I want to get away from it a bit and my problem is that the cake boards I buy seem to be small because when I frost the cake with the bench scraper there is always cake that shows on the sides. I was just wondering do I need to just cut my own boards? and if so what size? how much room is best for the space from the cake to the edge of the board? Should I...
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