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Thank you all so much, I did read through some of the forums, it may be my icing.  I just dont get why sometimes it happens and sometimes it does not.  
Hello, I was wondering if anyone could tell me why I get cracks in  my buttercream icing.   I ice my cakes and put the decorations on while the buttercream is still soft (so the decor will stick).  The cake looks great and then when I am ready to deliver it the next day, while traveling or just moving the cake to my van, the icing cracks.  I have 3 or 4 cake boards and it is plenty sturdy.  I use crisco, water, powdered sugar and flavors for my recipe.  Please help me as...
Thank you all, I will go and check them out!
Hi, I was wondering if anyone has a great idea for a buttercream only cake.  I teach cake classes and I usually teach the basketweave with the royal icing flowers which takes up two classes.  I want to get away from the royal icing, so I need ideas for buttercream cakes.  I do the rose cake, piping transfer and the clown cake.  Ideas are greatly appreciated.  Thank you, Teresa
Thank you sweettreat! I do make a double batch and it does cover my paddle. Its not a bubble in the icing. Its an air pocket between the cake and the icing. When I peel the icing back, you can see the cake and the icing is not even touching it.
Hello, I was needing help on a problem that occures a lot on my cakes. I have, what I call, blow outs! Not the bulging in the middle of the cake where the cake is filled. But the blow outs I am talking about can happen anywhere on my cakes! I let the cake rest overnight, fill and crumb coat the next day. After the crumb coat dries, I start icing and decorating. The cake gets finished and looks wonderful. Then hours later or next morning on delivery day, I have an...
Could someone please tell me how to make a football helmet cake? Which cake pans and how to carve? Thank you so much!
Hello! I would love a copy too! Could you please email one to me? Thank you so much! I appreciate it! (Mod edited.)
Hello, I need any info on how to stack a crooked cake using the global ball set. I am making a 2 tier cake and I want the bottom cake lifted off on one side using a ball and then I would stack the second tier crooked and on the other side I would use a ball to. Please help me! Thank you in advance!
Thank you both so much I appreciate it!
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