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Wow you are lucky! If I found that price I would buy the lot of it LOL Right now im paying clost to $5 a block! A two tier cake I made last week ended up costing me close to $90!!!
I did something like that recently just not as extreme corset, but i just stacked 3, 8 inch cakes and carved away at it, worked pretty good.
Im going through the exact same thing right now! So frustrating when someone wants a cake, and they want it cheaper than costs us to make! I finally had to just say no, even though i wanted more customers. I have found latley that im having more people willing to pay a good price, you just need to find a few people willing to pay, and then the good word gets spread, just takes time i guess! Just stick to your price, and if they dont like it tell them to go to dairy...
Well I have a request for a mash (tv show) themed cake, she told me anything to do with mash he will love! well problem is, that is out of my age of shows, and i have never seen it, and can not find it on cable......any one have any ideas on what i can do?
I have always tried new recipes with baking i love it. But one day i decided to make a dora cake and i could not get the pan, so i found i loved challenging myself. I have totolly taught myself by chanllenging myself to something that looks really hard, and research all the techiques first.
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