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I will be making a giraffe out of rice krispy treats soon I was think of dripping or pouring melted chocolate over it. I had made a camera out of rice krispy treats before and put buttercream on it before covering with fondant, still could see the bumps so that is why think covering with chocolate would work better.
I was wasting so much time on try to get fondant black so I bought some satin ice fondant it is delicious and so much fast than making trying to bet it black enough.
Does anbody have a good recipe for a banana cake with a strawberry filling? I have never done this combo, customer wants it to taste like a banana split.
My question is what kind of boxes does everyone use to put big cakes in? I have cake and cookie boxes but they just don't work for the speciality cakes that have figures on them and some of my layers cakes are over 6 inches tall and the domed cake covers don't work for them. So please if you could share what kind of boxes that everyone puts their cakes in to delivery or pick-up that would be great.TIA,Dinie
I was just wondering if you could use chocolate ganache to dip strwberrys into? I like the test of ganache better than just melted chocolate for dipping. So please if anybody has done this please let me know how they turn out.TIA, Dinie
I want to make a royal icing Tiara, my question is what do I do it on parchment paper or wax paper? I just don't want to do it on the wrong paper and start to peel it off and it will not come off so any help would be very much appericated.TIA, Diane
Left out 1 1/2 cups, they look okay still in oven for the cooling period. I had another recipe that I use to make that did not take sc.
Just made to cheese cakes and just realized I forgot to put the sour cream in do you think it will ruin the them? 1 is a black raspberry swirl the other one is plain they are going to be gifts to someone, can't cut it to taste just thought someone would know or have made a cheese cake without sour cream.TIA,Dinie
Would it not be easier to bake sheet cakes and cut them into rounds instead of bake individual cakes. Yes I know you would have waste but you would have that on each cake by time you level them. Has anyone done this? TY,Dinie
Does anybody know where I can order 6" and 3" cutters to bake sheet cakes and cut cakes from them to make small wedding cake for a wedding and don't want to bake individual cakes.TY Dinie
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