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Thank you Alan for clearing up! This info is sufficient to me, my husband has a paypall account so we will make the order. I fall in love with the stencils and I can not found them anywhere else!!!! Thank all of you who answered! Will I be the first in Italy, in Rome having those beautiful stencils????WOW
Wow, they are really beautiful!
I would like to order a few things. Since I'm living in Italy, I have just read about the international shipping. The only thing surprises me is this:"We now require all international customers to fax us a copy of the front and back of their credit card along with the top portion of their credit card statement showing the name, account number and billing address. Order will only be shipped to the billing address of the credit card."It seems to me very strange. I would...
ops... what a mistake how can I correct it? is it possible to edit my post?
This is one of my creations. It was not easy at all, but I really relaxed during the preparation. I would like to show some other photos but I don't know how to post them, it is not allowed to post more than one, right? I have prepared the cups and the mini cakes one by one, day by day, with two children it is not easy.Do you like it?
Simply fantastic!
I also would like to have a teacher like you! It's a pitty that here in Rome it is not so easy at all!
Wow thank you for all your reply! I really do appreciate them! Special thank to CakeMommy3 for the suggestion how to make the balls, in fact I have hade a lot of problem with borders. Vlin28 don't worry, this is not my first cake but one of them. I have only made 8 with this technique. Is this site addictive? Yes I beleive it, I simply falled in love with these wonderful pieces of art you all make. I will try to post some other cake e hope to have your opinion on...
First of all, excuse me for all grammatical and language mistakes! I'm from Italy, and would like to show you one of my cakes. I would like to know what do you think about it and naturally accept any kind of suggestion.This cake has been created for the birthday of a friend. His hobby is the trumpet. Inside is a "Black Forest Cake".Greatings from Italy to all of you!Kristinathis is the photo of the cake:
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