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I also had problems with those bags. It's such a waste since I bought the big box of them. It's so frustrating!!!
I agree too! And who needs the pressure when the other cake are much more fun!!!
I am reading this thread on my lunch break and my coworkers think I have lost my ever lovin' mind because I am laughing. I am so glad someone started this thread. It's great to know I am not alone.One night I was well into a wedding cake when half a a layer cracks and falls into the floor. Immediately, my bottom lip pokes out and I didn't know where to cuss or cry. My husband looks at me and immediately says what all do you need from the store! However this same DH...
If it's on sale Michael's won't let you use a coupon on it.
Hey Katiebelle74, we'd like hints on photographing cakes. I need all the help I can get!!
I just took the Wilton's Fondant/Gumpaste class and we did both. You can either mix half gumpaste and half colored fondant or you can use your color pastes to add to the gumpaste...the half and half is less messy
I usually start with chocolate butter cream and add purple then I add the black. That seems to work for me. I had a person who was allergic to chocolate so I started with purple then added black and it worked out pretty good too.
I think it's a great idea!!! Very creative!! Most people are scared of knocking over a cake, so most people will be careful, I think.
Charge it!!!!
I'd would if it contained milk.
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