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Well I didn't wait long enough,I did bend the end of the wire into like half a circle.I think I need to let it dry longer than I did.Thank you so much for all your help.Orit
I'm having a problem with the cone(the first stage for the rose)hope you know what i mean,when I place it on the wire ,after adding a few petals it just comes off and brakes.Any one knows what I'm talking about?Do you have any suggestions?It's so aggravating specially when it's my first time making and using gp.Thank you again.
That was my next question.Thank you all.
Thank you guys. I meant use for ready gumpaste. OK I see it's for made from scratch,I guess that was a waste of $8.00.but who knows maybe I'll make it myself next time.
Do you use gum tex with ready(Wilton)gp,or only when making it from scratch?
Thank you redred this sounds like a good idea,see I have to wait to do this when I'm off ,I think this Sunday and Monday,and I will try it again,with all your suggestions and great tips,thank you guys.
Yes it helps,thank you very much ,anything to help with fondant (cake covering)is very useful.Orit
Thank you so much,I will try it,I was looking forward so much to start using fondant I guess it takes practice like everything else.Thank you Orit
I covered my cake with fondant(first time)but I get these folds on the side of the cake.What can I do to make the fondant cover the cake sides nice and without the folds?Thank you. Orit.
Thank you JoAnnB,I've been waiting since I've posted my question(Friday)till now for an email notification for a replay lucky I checked through my posts for your reply.I thought I will get an email when there's a reply.Well ,thank you.
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