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I have to bake mine almost an hour and a half because our oven temp is lower... maybe it's your oven temp.
Those little totes on the top of that shelf (pic above) are from Target. They work really well because you can see what is in each one and they stack and lock together. There are all different sizes too!
My husband made this for me for Christmas. You can't really see behind my kiddos, but it is really deep and the shelves are adjustable. It also has wheels, so I wheel it into a closet I have by my kitchen when I'm not using it. All of my pans, fondant, cake books, and supplies fit in it perfectly I was so excited! My cake supplies were taking over my kitchen
Oh, one more thing that I have done. If it does sink a little in the middle - just flip it upside down on the cake board when you are ready to one will ever know
Also, I have discovered that I CAN NOT open the oven at all - that is when it sinks. I keep mine in there for an hour and 20 minutes until I open it - and then I still bake it for another 15 minutes or so... this is with the WASC recipes. Also, as someone said, the strawberry cakes are so moist that I bet they take even longer. I also use the bake even strips and 3 flower nails in a 12x3. Good luck!
Wow, I can't believe the difference that made in my photos! Thanks - can you do that to all of them? I'll have to see if I can play around with some software...I think we may have Paint Shop Pro or one of those programs on our PC - my husband is a "Computer Nerd" - he has so many programs on our computer I can't keep them straight
I always have trouble getting a good picture of my cakes - a picture that shows the coloring really well and any luster dust, etc. Have you discovered that certain lighting works flash, etc? It always seems like my cakes look better in person and a picture is all I have after it is eaten I'm sure the quality of the camera makes a difference too, but I feel I have a pretty good camera...not the cheapest by any means. Any advice you can provide would be...
speaking of the vinyl decorations...I wonder if I could buy some vinyl sheets that you put in your Cricut and make designs with the Cricut!!! I have a red KitchenAid that I call "Big Red". I think Big Red needs to tattoos
So what about when you clean it? Do the tattoos come off or chip easily? I clean and "polish" mine after each use, so I would be worried that it would come off.... I would love to do this though! Are they the tattoos that you apply with a damp cloth?
Oh and one more thing. If you put buttercream under the fondant, only do a thin "crumbcoat". If you want the buttercream flavor, maybe torte it with a bunch of will be a buttercream cake that's outside in
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