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I got married a little after Christmas, so I kept with the wintery theme. my cake had white bc with some subtle white bc piping on the sides and was embellished with silver dragees and "snow covered" pine cones and sprigs of evergreen trees (fake of course) Then, since my colors were emerald and silver, she wrapped a green ribbon around the bottom of the tiers for a little more color.
I've been directed here they seem to have pretty good prices on cake supplies. I've heard fat daddios pans are really good, but hopefully a pro will chip in here and give you a better answer
I don't know if they use the term 'intern' but you could certainly ask if they're hiring a decorator. I know Publix offers to put you through a decorating course so you can learn their method, so I'd assume other places would as well. While no, you won't get to stretch your imagination working at a walmart or other grocery store, I can say that working at Publix has helped me develop the basics so that I'm more efficient when decorating Good luck
Those are beautiful! Way to go you should be proud!
When I used to work there, we just mixed butter with a block of shortening, that I believe was pre-sweetened. I'm not sure what it was called though.
Do you know how many they'll need to pass this? to that recipe, you use the whole egg, so I think you're probably right about the color. HTH!!
Your pictures are beautiful, you do very nice work and I think that you'd do fine! If you can decorate cakes, you can decorate cookies I wish I could find a job at a bakery here! As for salery, I don't know either, but if you know your fondant salesperson really well, I don't think it'd be a problem asking them. good luck!
Hey! welcome I know there are a lot more knowledgeable people than I, who can help you out. However, I have made this chocolate cake and it was wonderful and was easy to decorate. It's Collette Peter's recipe out of one of her books....I can't remember which 2c sugar2 eggs (at room temperature)1c milk (also at room temperature)1c unsweetened cocoa powder1c veggie oil or softened butter1 tsp salt2 tsp baking powder1 tsp baking soda1 tsp almond extract2 1/2 c flour1 1/4c...
I LOVE cinnamon in chocolate! I actually add at least a teaspoon, so that you can taste a hint of it. It just gives the chocolate flavor more depth in my opinion!
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