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Criticism & quick fix suggestions please Top tier is my wedding cake Bottom 2 are sons baptism cake
How do I save flattened buttercream? It's not curdled its just flat
Is Swiss meringue buttercream on cupcakes ok to do 48 hours prior to serving or will they go crusty/off?
Do yours also generally sink in the middle??? Ill cut off the crust it's just a shame to always be cutting down cakes even further, I have to bake double just to get a decent height!
This is an australian mudcake What would make the cake form that square shape on the top and then fill a smaller square area with bubbles and different texture? I tested and its completely cooked
Thanks Nerd, all done!
Thanks fellow decorators !
Thanks! I took a risk and have covered it already And I've put it in a dark cupboard So far so good- 11 days to go- wish me luck!!!
Really? Where I used to work they faded bad but maybe it was under the fluorescent lighting in the room But I do know purple fades bad too and I've mixed a drop of purple into this icing??
I have a dummy foam cake Which I would like to cover now in fondant but the cake will not be used for another 2 1/2 weeks. It will be a blue with some purple mixed in And I was thinking about putting it in a dark place until we need it Do you think It will still fade or would it be ok to do now?
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