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What's the tutorial called?
Sorry to be a pain but where do I find her blog?
What's the wax paper trick like Jessica Harris??
Thanks so much Would it be easier to get a neat finish with a mold? I've never used one before.
Does anybody know where I can get this silicon onlay mold from?
where can i get lace moulds to mimic the cake on the left?
hi guysjust planning my wedding cake id like to cascade lace down the cake and (see picture) these were what i was looking at doinghas anyone seen any stencils that would give similar results to these cakes? thankssweet_toof
well I thought I could buy one - until I saw the price and figured for 150 wrappers that I need, maybe it wouldn't pay me to do that. Its just that I'm really struggling to find the right colour and shape and thought I could make them if I knew more about cricut. p.s. I went into the craft room but I am unable to fine the cupcake cartridge.
thanks so much... where can I look at the shape of it, or where can I check the measurements at its assembled size? Really I just want a simple solid wrapper with scalloped edging - not lacework or other fancy cutouts because the towel inside could possibly show through a bit messy.
Hi guysI am trying to work out exactly how the Cricut machine even works. I don't have sound knowledge as I've never seen one in action. I need cupcake wrappers for my own wedding, but im actually going to be rolling up face towels and putting them in the wrappers, so the size of the wrapper is very important, since I can't just put a little less or a little more batter in my cups to suit the size of the wrapper! I've purchased a pack of these wrappers which suit my...
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