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What's the kind that have a plunger?
It's this.
I was going To buy a cupcake dispenser on eBay There's a lot for $10 and then some that go up to about $50. Does anyone know If the cheap ones are ok- do they leak or break etc etc ?
I agree but it's sentimental so I was a bit reluctant What about if I rotated it so more of just the leaves showed at the front? Then how could I incorporate it?
I have kept our top tier from the wedding cake as it was fruit cake and preserved. We said we'll let our first child help cut it. So 2 years on, we have our sons baptism day in a few weeks and I need some suggestions. Attached is a pic of the wedding cake And also attached is a pic of the cake I'd like to combine it with. I'm wondering does anyone have any ideas to help blend the tiers together Or should I re-cover the top tier? [IMG]
What's the tutorial called?
Sorry to be a pain but where do I find her blog?
What's the wax paper trick like Jessica Harris??
Thanks so much Would it be easier to get a neat finish with a mold? I've never used one before.
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