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Ahh thanks so much
Does anyone have a cake servings chart with an illustration how to cut them up? I have a 11" square cake and need 1x2" serves But I cannot find an image online for this size cake
Cleats is what we call them in Australia They're the foam round discs that you stuck under the cake board So if you have a really heavy cake you have somewhere to slide your fingers underneath to pick the cake up
Thanks guys It is sooooooo heavy I Didn't put cleats under the board Would foam cleats be ok or do I need wooden ones?
I was thinking about spraying the white ivory But would this decolor my blue and possibly turn it green???
Well I've kinda stuffed up cos those shoes are stuck down with a lot of white chocolate If I remove them ill break them?
My friend suggested to omit the top tier and cut separately
Top tier doesn't quite tie in being ivory not white
Criticism & quick fix suggestions please Top tier is my wedding cake Bottom 2 are sons baptism cake
How do I save flattened buttercream? It's not curdled its just flat
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