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I use buttercream which i buy at Sams! Love it! I would like to try their whipped icing but not sure how good it is and how to handle it! Does anyone here have used it? must it always be refrigerated & does it smooth without hassles?
thanks Kerri. i will deffinately try it & hope it does crust!!
a customer recently requested a lemon pound cake , (which is no problem) but she also wants a "cream cheese" type frosting. My question is does anyone know of a recipe that would be great and that also makes a crust for a smooth look? Help please!!Thnaks in advanceMaralin
i want to make the seaweeds w/ the colored choc. candy melts but not sure how to give is the shape, can sumone help me?
thanks so much..that really helps!
My step-daughter sweet 16 is coming up & she wants me to do the cake for her..she is doing Beauty & the beast theme! I saw this cake & loved it!she wants her cake to be yellow, white w/ red roses!My questions are:* can i use fresh roses on a cake?*how would i attach the ribbon? after its on the plate or before?* how many tiers should i should feed about 100-120any suggestions anyone??thanks!
thanks......i have not dared to mess w/ fondant soo afraid!
I will makinga 3 tier round cake & would like to attach fabric ribbon on the bottom of each layer, how do i attach the ribbon? what would i use to keep it on? by the way the cake will be frosted in buttercream!also this is gonna be a "beauty and the beast" sweet 16 cake.....any suggestions??thanks
im does the ribbon stay put.....should it be secured with something?
How about the engine truck cake Buddy made? wasnt that awesome?? How much u think he charged for that?
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