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I had a friend (who is no longer a friend) who wanted a three teir strawberry shortcake theme cake. The cake was really detailed with lots of fondant accents and bows.I told her I would make her the cake for $80. I was giving her a HUGE discount (basically only charging supplies). She went over to my house and made me spend lots of time searching for the ''right'' cake. A few days later she texted me that she didn't need the cake because a friend of her cousin's could...
I don't think it's turvy. It looks like it's cut down a bit though. Like from wider to a bit smaller. I agree with the other person about asking the customer what they would like.
Sadly they don't realize how much time it takes just to come up with an idea. Sometimes I will spend an hour or so just looking for inspiration and ideas...then after all the work they dicide to go "with someone else". The nerve of some people.
Whenever I am working with black or dark colors I put in some meringue powder. It helps it set faster without the running colors. Just something I do...hope it helps.
It came out beautiful. Great Job!
Sweet art factory has them at a reasonable price.
Post pics to see how bad they are. Humidity also has alot to do with drying. The more humid it is the longer it will take for fondant to dry. I find wilton fondant very good for figurines because it dries faster and is very easy to work with. If I am making very last minute figures and want them to dry fast I just mix half wilton fondant and half gumpaste. They are usually dry to the touch over night. Don't get discouraged it will work out.
Sometimes I think they think using the word SIMPLE will give them a better price. If it's sooo simple, then you do it!
Thanks so much guys now I have PLENTY of great recipes to choose from!
I am making my daughter's bday cake this weekend and I really want to make something different. I've made lots of cakes for friends and family so I know they have tried ALL that I have to offer. I used boxed mix but I really want to make something different and DELICIOUS. So do any of you have any kid and grown up friendly cake recipes I could try? I would perfer a boxed base recipe if possible. Thanks so much guys!
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