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Looks like this was a question well worth asking. Thanks I will give it a try now too.
I tried it on Saturday and it was comparable to what I have made at home with none of the hassle, time and effort. I started making my own fondant after I purchased one pkg of Wilton and thought there is no way I would feed that to my dog(and he loves fondant) never mind people. I am now going to try the Virgin Ice and see what some of my friends and family think of it. Sure would save me a ton of time.
Bulk barn does sell Virgin Ice but I have not seen the black and red yet. Maybe if we all hound them, they will bring it in. I've heard it is relatively new.
To the Ontario group, Virgin Ice now sells their fondant in Black and Red and much cheaper too. I found 4lb pails in Cambridge for about $18. They were nice enough to allow me to taste it before I purchased and the black is very nice.
I don't think you overcharged. I wouldn't even turn on my oven for less than $20. And those flavours sound delicious.
try this link to confetti cakes web site.
Chai Latte? I made them this weekend and they were a huge hit with both adults and kids. Just add about 3 tbsp of instant Chai Latte powder to your batter. Delicious.
Very good point, also would be nice to categorize our favs too.
Mmmmmm sounds like I just found our Easter cake for this year. Thanks for the post.
Wow, you should seriously consider a profession in custom cakes. Your work is wonderful. Congrats on the fabulous feedback and well deserved recognition!
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