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[quote="cakesdivine"]Oh Thank you for posting this. I feel like this has gotten out of hand. I really just wanted to know if CC's pictures could be copied. You know how on some website you cannot even email a picture. That's all. I have not really been on CC since my mother's death last year and my first post stirred up a hornets nest. so sorry.
I feel like I need to respond...First I was not starting a mess. I was just asking if CC pictures could be copied and pasted to another website so easily. For some reason I thought they could only be emailed. Guess not. No big deal. Secondly, I am a business owner and I have never used another's photos to gain interest or promote my business. (or my cake hobby). Never.I could argue the point that her "blog" is being used for commercial gain but I rather look at cake...
Not really. .. "Fair Use" prohibits copyrighting for commercial gain wether it is an artical, image, etc. This is not the case here......... but if someone were to use CC and/or pictures from here (over a certain percentage) without asking permission would be wrong. But like I said before..does not matter to me..... I'm off to enjoy this beautiful day.
I think she has a nice website and I understand her referencing me and CC but she is also not writing a research paper. She is putting our images on a commercial website as she has sponsers and her party rental company advertised. Anywayyyyyy..... really doesn't matter I was just mentioning it because I have not had a cake pic copied without asking me for approval. well....none that I know of. I was justing thinking that CC's pictures could only be emailed but not copy...
Good Morning! I received an email that one of my cake pics and many of yours were used on a website/blog. tabletopsfortotsblog.comI tried searching for other comments on this but nothing came up. Do y'all know of this? Can our pics be used anywhere by anyone? I have not been on CC in a long time so I might not be up to speed on all the happenings. Thanks for any info. bj
thanks! I tried searching forums but my computer kept locking up! Sounds like it really doesn't glow.... hmmmm Thanks again!
I've done that to carrot cake......little messy (didn't cut as smooth as say a white cake), had to be a little more careful... if the cake size is large enough I would make sure I use a cake board to transfer torted layers so they won't break. A cool oven with the light on should do the trick unless the coating is too heavy. HTHbj
Hello! Have not been on in a loooooooooooong time probably a year or more. I miss y'all! Mother was ill so I stopped doing cakes to care for her. Long story short I am doing cakes again here and there and I got a request for a glow in the dark cake? Have I been out of the loop that long? Is there such a thing as glow in the dark icing or fondant that is edible? Any help is greatly appreciated. bj
This could be true for a lot of stuff we put on those cakes and I was assuming that you would explain to the client they were in the cake/animals. I give all my new clients a paper explaining how to properly cut their cake and what non-edible/edible items were used when additional support is needed. (i.e. dowels, popsicle stickes, pretzel sticks and spaghetti) bj
I use water with a clean, food use only paint brush but remember less is more!!! You don't want the water running everwhere. And it is sort of like playing with clay! I even use clay modeling books for inspiration. Fondant taste better than gumpaste and does not dry as hard. I like fondant better especially if it is a child's cake because they want to eat those little guys. You can also use raw spaghetti noodles or fettuccini noodles ( I like fettuccini) when...
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