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Thank you Kelley, you've lifted a huge load off my shoulders!!!!
I just spent 19 hours this weekend making 375 iced megaphone cookies. They were colored with 17 different team colors...not sure I want to do that again. It was my first time and a very stressfull two days because on top of that I added 300 cupcakes. I really do like cakes better.
I'm working on my sons birthday cake. He requested a topsy turvy design. I think I will get it right this time. Hopefully my design works out. He's an avid Wizard 101 player and I'm going to decorate with his school which is fire. Between work from 7-4 and culinary school 3 nights a week I don't get much free time to play anymore but I just had to do my baby's cake. Wish me luck. Good luck to all others busy in the kitchen.
This title scared me at first as I too am a hobby baker, but I will be making 1000 cupcakes in November so this will take me a whole day.....still a daunting task for one person in an apartment, but as this is my passion I say bring it on. And if the mom wants plain cupcakes then less work for you...but I'd charge at least $1. Good luck.
I also used this tool. Works great!
You can always try your hand at carving it to make it look like the shape of Lightning. I recently did. It was so much fun.
Caralee, my cake wasn't what I wanted it to look like but the groom liked it. I have it in my photos. Thanks.
I totally understand the way you feel/felt. It was last Friday at 3 p.m. when my dog ate my chopper, for a groom's cake, due by 3 p.m. the next day and I still had to drive it 3 hours away. I do hope it didn't continue to fall but I guarantee the girl will like/liked it just the same. Love your gumpaste flowers!
Hi, I've been reading this thread off an on and decided to just jump in. I tried my first run today and decided to put it in the fridge to see if it will set faster. I painted the gelatine onto some wax paper and some on a glass cutting board as I do not have any sheets to work with. What I'm looking to make are simply windows for a helicopter I'm making. Anyway, the gelatine set rather quickly and peeled off very easily. I had to pull at the edges to lift it but all in...
I have never heard of anything like this. How terrible.
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