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I have the Cricut Personal Cutter that I wanted to use for cake decorating. I've tried it a couple of times using fondant (leave in freezer for a couple of minutes), it does the cuts good but when it's done for some reason when the blade goes back to it's original position (right side of machine) it cuts across the sheet. Does anyone know why it does this? Thanks for your help!
Here's one of my favorites train cakes that I found here in cake central, hope this is what more or less you're looking for.
Oh and by the way she said it needs to serve 50, so the 6,9 and 12 rounds serves around 78. I thinks she'll be fine with that amount since it's not a final count.
Ok I uploaded to my photos so here is the link:
Ok hopefully the attachment will work.
I'm making a wedding cake in September. The bride emailed me the cake that she wants, and the tiers don't look like they are 2 inches apart (ex: 8, 10, 12 inch round cakes) they seem like they are three or four, so I figured will a 6, 9 and 12 inch round cake look good?
Thanks for the tips, I just bought the cricut and this would definately help.
Thanks guys, I knew I could count on you, you. You guys are always right and yes I'll definitely start making my own and wait 'til I have enough. I just wanted to start right away.
Ok, so I have been doing cakes for 2 years for friends and family and decided to start my own business. Here in NM we are allowed to bake from home so all I need is to get legal. My plan is to start small, since I work full time and I'm not planning on leaving my job, I enjoy what I do but I also enjoy making cakes. What I want to do is only offer small cakes, 6 & 8 inch round/square cakes at a fixed price, exactly what have on their website under...
Yes $85 but just for the 6". You're way underpriced, I would say no less than $600.
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