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aim for 4 inches. I've taken wedding cake classes and that is what my instructor's motto was..."4 inches". However, some cakes I have seen on here have been taller. But if I were you I would go with my gut. If you think it looks "squat" like then it probably is. you will be surprised how much better a few more inches to your cake will make everything look better. Off to the grocery you go or buy a chicken....sorry! good luck and cant wait to see..
yesterday must have been "let's attempt to make a petit fore" day. i was feeling good on friday when i bake 3 flavor cakes. let them freeze overnight then warmed up some candy coating (i read i could do that successfully) and began dipping the cakes (some i attempted to pour the coating) the 1st 5 were beautiful. the the next 25 were horrible. the final 70 are still frozen in the freezer waiting to be given to my students on monday or thrown in tuesdays trash. this is...
CarrieBear I completely understand. I started of doing simple cakes for friends and family as well but I have attended classes and spent hours in the kitchen trying to perfect my skills. And I use to charge about $25 for my cakes and then I realized I was getting jipped. Today I still charge on average about $40 for a cake and 90% of my cakes are fondant inspired (that stuff alone is $50 a container). I too have gotten fed up with something that I love to do because I...
try a peanut butter cream cheese filling the next time. scrumptious. but i would simply do a chocolate or cream cheese icing on top.
I too wonder about the gauge number. i received a few in my cake class but they were fabric, white, and sturdy and I have yet to see any of those anywhere around. I do recall having to bend a SMALL HOOK on the end of the wire and wetting it before attaching any ornament. Hope I helped some.
Oh Lord....and I was going to say $35 or $40. I REALLY got to get my pricing together!!!
I fell for that okey doke two weeks ago. my coworker was renewing his vows and needed a 4 layer cake with ribbon and circles, fondant and buttercream. i too was only going to charge $250 (since he was a coworker, but I really need to get that CAKE BOSS software so I can stop cheating myself). I even drove to Memphis, TN (4 hours away) to purchase pans for this event. He came in to work on Tuesday saying he no longer needs it because the "lady at church" wants to make...
Thank you for your suggestions. I am LOVING the pick idea especially the one with the "power to the people" fist. LOL. Anywho, I will draw out a few ideas and let you know if the idea ever gets to make a realistic debut. Let me know if you come up with any other ideas.
I want to make an Afro cake for a 60s/70s themed party, but would like to hear your thoughts on how to do it.
Do these exist ANYWHERE? I am part of a wonderful sorority (AKA) but I would like to produce products for other sororities and fraternities. As you can see my greek letters are easy to produce with just the regular alphabet, but other greeks letters are a lot more complicated. Any suggestions (besides making my own, of course)?
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