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Could be anemone maybe?
I just did it by running the tip of my small spatula down the side. It is very easy to get that look.
I made this one using American buttercream and just air brushed the amber color.
You get what you pay for. If you want good, dependable help you will have to pay more than 7.25. I am just a hobby baker, but good at what I do and would be insulted it offered only 7.25 and I think your friend might be too.
 My cakes were 6", 8" 10" and 12". We cut the wood slabs so they were about 2" bigger then my cake. Thank you everyone for your compliments! And yes the stand is what makes this cake great.
Thank You!
Your Picture of your cake is not there.
I am so proud of this cake I just want to show it off. I made it for my cousins wedding which was this past week-end. I am getting better with every cake I do. Here was my design I drew. The roses, sunflowers, primrose and some of the leaves I made of gumpaste, but also add fresh greens because I did not make enough smaller leaves to fill in enough around my flowers. I also made stand with the help of the DH. Thanks for looking!   And here is my cake
I took the Wilton course and only made the Wilton buttercream once, didn't like it so I used my own recipe for the rest of the course. The instructor had no problem with it. I am sure you can use your own recipe too.
Well if you are using cream cheese it will be a little hard to make it non dairy, just saying.
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