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I took the Wilton course and only made the Wilton buttercream once, didn't like it so I used my own recipe for the rest of the course. The instructor had no problem with it. I am sure you can use your own recipe too.
Well if you are using cream cheese it will be a little hard to make it non dairy, just saying.
Yes everyone loved it. Thank you. After I keep looking at pics I wish I would of just did two books. It looks a little out of proportion.
Well here it is. I was happy with everything but the books need a little work. And I should of tilted the top open book up more. I stacked the cake at the reception but how do you get the tiers stacked without messing up the bottoms? I need to learn from my mistakes. So I have more flowers then planned.
Hello, Has anyone made roses out of the edible icing sheets? Any tips or advise? Thanks
  This is a banana split cake I did last year. I did 4 layers with in between layers, pineapple and whip cream, strawberry pie filling and last layer with the bananas. And yes I did alittle lemon juice on the bananas to keep them from browning and use ripe bananas but not mushy. Topped with  Hershys hot fudge. It was delicious.
I was thinking maybe get it set and then just covering it with box. And since I am setting it somewhat cold the box may keep the cold in and the heat out. And having them remove box at last possible minute.
Yes it will be fondant covered, using fondarific. I was planning on getting there about two hours ahead.
So I am doing a 4 tier wedding cake for an outside wedding at the end of June. I am in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia, so we can get some high humidity. I plan on refrigerating it here for travel but the venue said I can use their refrigerator if I need it when I get there. I am just afraid if I put it in the refrigerator there that when they take it out before the wedding it wont have time enough for the condensation to evaporate but on the other hand I don't want it...
I use it in my royal icing along with my vanilla. But yes, I don't like the smell of it either. So I add just a touch to add a little extra flavor to the royal. I will try a different brand than Wilton next time. It reminds me of and smells like cheap buttered microwave popcorn.
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