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Ok, I have a recipe that calls for cake flour but could not find it at any of the stores I went to. What can I used in place?TIA!Crystal
WOW! I am excited for you! I can only wish that we get that kind of bonus. I don't know that I could have done that though!!! I would have spent it on my 2yr old or on something for the house!Congrats! Hope you love them all!Crystal
Thank you so much! I was thinking about the oversized star tip too so I am glad that is what others use!fat-sissy - that is an awesome idea! I don't have time to order so that is perfect!Miriel - thanks for the link! I will def. get some of those on order for the next order i will do!thank you again to everyone!!!!Crystal
What method do you use to ice cupcakes? I want them to look as great as possible, but I don't want it to take forever for me to do them either!Also, what would you recommend for transporting them? I have about 50 cupcakes that I have to travel about an hour with and it is over some pretty rocky terrain.Thanks!Crystal
I have a shower cake in a couple of weeks and the nursery is going to be light yellow and sage green. I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations on what coloring to work with to make both of those?!Thank you in advance.Crystal
Thank you both. Would you frost the entire cookie cake? I can't say that I have really seen completely frosted cookie cakes???Thanks again!Crystal
Ok, so I will be doing a cookie cake (I know it is not officially a cake, but I need help with icing and image) hopefully, I won't get in trouble for putting it in here!!! Anyway, I was wondering if it is possible to use an edible image on a cookie cake? I have found one that I can use, but need to make sure it is doable.Please HELP!!Thanks in advance!Crystal
Ok, I have just gotten a request for my first cookie cake for next month. The only problem is that they want the Incredibles theme on it. How on earth can I incorporate that?!?!?!Also, does anyone have a good choco chip recipe they swear by for cookie cakes? What kind of pan do you use?Thank you in advance!Crystal
daisyblue - I sent an email to them a while ago about something I wanted to purchase but had a question about. That was almost 2 months ago. To date, I have never gotten a response!But, I still haven't ordered from them so I don't know how that goes.
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