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If you don't mind me you know if these freeze well after decorating? I was thinking of starting some Xmas cookies early.
I too omit the almond..and adore the flavour and texture of this cake. Trust me it WILL be your new go to cake!
I live in Ontario. I have been told so many times how amazing my cakes are...but when it comes time to pay ..most people just cannot justify the price that I would love to charge. I still basically charge 3 dollars per serving..regardless of buttercream or fondant. I make it all from scratch to save money. I am making nothing for my time and effort but doing it for the love of the result. I agree with you and wish you luck. It would be so awesome to be able to charge what...
I just finished taking the last batch the dishes. I am going to use the rolled buttercream frosting as a base and then I am using my airbrush ( new to me..the DUff one) and a handmade stencil. I am making the logo for my husbands company. They are celebrating their 100th anniversary. I really cannot imagine some of the detail that so many amazing cookie artists!
I feel everyone's pain. Just taking a break from rolling out and baking 200 cookies for an order for Friday. I still have to decorate, make 150 cuppies and a sheet cake. I have spent the last 4 hours just baking the cookies..not done yet and surprised at how long it is taking. What was I thinking?
I have used the half and half vodka/corn syrup and it works beautifully!! the shine lasts for days. I have an actual steamer which does not work nearly as well.
Thanks Jan..I indeed did mean each tier not each layer. Thank you for the correction. As for the question about the bubble tea straws..I am in Canada and I buy them at a cake supply store called Flour Confections in Pickering, Ont. I am sure that most cake supply stores carry them though.
I always omit all the almond and use lots of yummy vanilla. As for the cake board, you really do need them and a support such as bubble tea straws or dowels underneath each layer. That is the only way to stop your cakes from sinking. HTH
I have used both and the Americolor is so much better and easier to dispense with the dropper bottle.HTH
OMG..I so agree that would be the best would save so much time backtracking.
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