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Fairytale... I just want to say your roses are spectacular! Great Job!
I pack the cake balls night and firm this avoids the dent on the bottom but not always.If I am putting them on a stick I insert it into the flat bottom or just lay them in a wrapper flat side down. Either way they never last long enough for anyone to complain about the shape!
I use a meat baller, not sure if thats the correct name or not but it looks like a pair of scissors but has a half ball attached at each end.just open it up and grab your crumbled cake and close like a pair of scissors and presto instant ball.Makes everything uniform and same size and using a cake mix i can get aroung 32 balls out of it.balls... my sister inlaw found them for me at a local chinese market and paid 2.00 for them but you can find them online and just pay the...
would also like the link please and thank you
Hello fellow cakers, I am hoping to tap into some of your creative juices to come up with an idea for a 40th birthday cake for my SIL.This cake will have to be large enough to feed 50-75 guests and I have been given creative cart blanche as far as any ideas or design and flavors.I am going with a raspberry white chocolate liqueur flavor for the cake with buttercream and fondant.What I am struggling with is design or themes...Originally we were going with something naughty...
Thanks for sharing will have to give this a try
I have done them with liquer but add it to the chocolate or candy melts instead of the cake balls themselves.I find when you add it to the cake and bake it the alcohol gets baked out.I also dont like the fudgey or gooey cake ball so i do my cake balls dry and squeeze them into tight balls and freeze them, this way when you bight into one its like cake and not gooey.HTH
I found out the hard way it does cause the melts to sieze if you dont do it properly.I added gel coloring to white candy melts and it siezed on me, i was able to save the melts by adding shortening to the mix and stirring constantly until the mixture seemed smooth and creamy.Knowing this, I now add the coloring to the shortening and then add the candy melts to the mixture.No siezing and comes out great every time.Hope this helps!
As is would be my vote too!
Wow thank you for the tutorial.... Beautiful and kudos to you for pulling off a cake that beautiful in one night alone!
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