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It's a Bakers Pride oven if you need to know that.
I'M NOT TRYING TO START A SCRATCH VS. BOX DEBATE!My scratch cupcakes bake pretty flat or look like they are to the top of the paper then shrink down just a bit when they cool. My new business partner's recipe calls for two scratch mixes then she adds a box mix to get that effect; her cupcakes in a standard cup are huge. Plus, she feels scratch recipes are really dense and adding the mix makes them lighter. I'm not completely on board with this idea because I'm known for...
The new gas convection oven at the bakery is giving us a hard time. I live in FL and have never cooked or baked with gas - except while camping over a single burner. We don't even have a gas bbq - only charcoal for us. We had to buy a gas oven since the location we're in is going totally green. There are solar panels over the parking lot rafters, reclaimed water for flushing the toilets, and all the freezers/fridges had to be approved for energy efficiency. Thank...
Sorry if this is in another thread, but I can't find it.Have you frozen a banana or vanilla custard or other things like lemon curd or bavarian creams before?
I have a bride with a May 2014 wedding who wants to set up a consultation this week. Do you have a policy on taking orders that far out? I know money is money if they decide to book me, but does this seem like extreme planning? In your experience, are these the kind of brides who will email their baker over the next two years with a million changes as the trends change?
[quote="costumeczar"]I apparently am the only one (I can't be but it looks like it on this thread) who gives a quote right away. [/quoteNo, I agree. The ping ponging only continues for me if I don't give them a solid quote during the consultation. I've recently changed my tasting procedures. It's a little off topic, but here it is in case you're interested. First, I have the bride fill out the top of my order form with address type questions. Meanwhile, I get the... anyone used these before? I hate how my letters get messy when I have to push them out of a cutter. These actually have an ejection system built in. Any feedback would be welcome before I purchase a set.
I use Intuit. Here's an article that may help. I don't have any problem connecting with my Bionic like the author has with his phone (don't remember type).
My friends are starting to get really concerned about food coloring. What organic dyes have you tried and liked? What brands are your favorites?
I got this email from a man two years ago. They're back at it again. My business credit card just got hacked by someone making online purchases at EA Sports Dublin. They took me for $411. I wish there was a way to get these jerks!
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