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Every thing here is good to know. I diffently have a different outlook on things now.In my state there is no home cooking allowed. But, how would I handle it (such as inspections) if I were to rent kitchen space?Where would I then begin to get legal?
I have been making cookies and would like to sell online. I dont know where to start though. Where and how does one go about marketing online? Esty seems to be one site that I have noticed, are there others.Anyone??? Thanks
Thank you both!! It really helps
I want soak a cake with flavor. Have never tried this before.Usually I bake and while warm I wrap and put into freezer. My question is should I soak cake while warm and then straight to freezer?? Or soak, let it sit and then put it into freezer?? I just dont want a soggy mess.
I know that years ago .. I used a nail through my potatoes. It cut the baking time. Just a thought.
Thanks for the quick link GatuPR!!!It says that it can be used to ice does it crust like buttercream??
Thanks Kathy!!Grandma+++go to the main forums, scroll down to recipes & tips
Hi MelviraI could only get through 25 page of this...wowo. I cant believe 2 years and 72 pages later that people are still going on about this. But, I have jumped on the train and bought Bettercream Didnt you have a list of flavors and fillings?? If so, would you lead me stright to them. My eyes are crossed from reading sooo many good threads here. Thank you so much for sharing your talent. Signed, wayward child from Florida
I have heard of freezing the cakes...but many have said not to. I have recently been told that it works great. I am a beginner so it seems conflicting. I do want to try it though. I just didnt know that you could freeze,torte,fill,crumbcoat and then back to freezer? It seems as though it would thaw out while doing so much.Would these be the correct steps to take??Thank you for your help.
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