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AMAZING advice! I can't wait to try this! Thanks so much for the detailed instructions
: ) I probably heard that "rumor" from YOU on a thread here!That's pretty unfortunate. Maybe someone selling on ebay would be willing to parcel theirs out in parts?Right about the twisting v. squeezing thing. Makin's green one has a super-easy vice-type twisting end. Just wondering...when you're making a LONG rope (like, to wrap around the base of a 10" round) how do you position the extruder as you crank it out? Parallel to the table, and just move it around the work...
I used TCB's whipped ganache that was room temp from the time I spread it on until I covered the cake, and it did fine and was delicious, but I like the idea of chilling it to get the really crisp edges (which mine weren't with the softer ganache).I was just wondering...Was the ganache you're talking about the dense-but-spreadable one, the whipped, or the poured? Did you cover the ganache while still cold? Does it sweat and ruin the fondant when it cools underneath?
The only Makin tips I have is to lubricate it a little with some Crisco and to not lose your discs (ie: down the disposal!)...I heard a rumor that you cannot replace them individually. Haven't had to verify this for myself, but its a good warning! ; )
I have a green Makin's and LOVE it. Comes with 20 discs, great for ropes, and a "hair" disc to make strings for tassels, etc. Ordered it from the clay store . com (minus the spaces) on a recommendation from this website and recieved it in three days! (even tho I only paid standard shipping.)Hope this link works:
My technique for the 3mm beads was the same as described above, except for the squeezing it out part--I can't quite picture that. For the 4mm pearls, you flipped it over and squeezed it together (the short way) and they popped out? I was so desperate I was trying to pry it open while flipped over and they were still falling apart! (Not sticking, just the seam was too insignificant).I think the gumpaste is the key--the fondant did seem extra soft. And I'll try not to scrape...
I just used my new First Impressions 3-5mm bead molds for the first time and had a VERY hard time getting the fondant beads to come out attached to one another in a rope, to use for borders. The most I could get was 5-10 together, with stragglers here and there. But the thing is 10 inches long! I've seen this done to edge an entire ribbon around a cake--I think I would have gone crazy. What's the trick?
I just did some handpainting on my daughter's cake and only had the Wilton petal dust--the Blue and Pink--mixed with vodka, and it was still very streaky. I know Wilton isn't the BEST luster...what would have been better? (Its the only picture in my profile--the darker blue and pink stripes are the painted ones)
Someone...anyone?! There are so many veterans on here! What are you using to roll you fondant?
Such great feedback all!The cake that I used was WASC and Chocolate WASC (AMAZING...everyone LOVED it) but it wasn't a sagging/buldging problem (btw, I've had those problems with my Cake Bible homemade butter cakes. Too unpredictable! Only WASC for me from here on out.) The "elephant skin" I discribed was ripply, weathered and dry-looking...but to me, it still seemed plenty soft and Crisco-y, at least on the surface! Isn't that strange!? And it was EXPENSIVE fondant-grr.It...
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