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I too, am wondering about a book. I know there are YouTube videos, etc., but I don't always have a laptop in the kitchen where I bake/decorate. I am definitely a visual learner.
I was 14 when I took my first class, but have only done it as a hobby until now. I'm soon to be 43 years old and my business officially opens on March 1st. LOL! Hey, better late than never, right?
My mouth is watering now... I'm going to do a small cake for my Grandma's 93rd birthday this weekend...she's a chocoholic like me, so I'm going to make her a rich choc cake with whipped choc ganache filling, covered in choc ganache. I might even put chocolate fondant on the outside!! :::pardon me while I clean the drool from my keyboard::: LOL!
The cake arrived to it's destination completely intact, the bride (and groom) was pleased, and I breathed a huge sigh of relief.
Thank you! I have an entire roll in a closet, waiting to be used just for this!
Will definitely have all supplies for emergencies in the car with us. I think the foam/bubble wrap is going to be crucial. Thank you for your encouragement and comments. I'll be sure to post how wonderful it went! (staying positive and optimistic! )
Two weekends from now I'll be traveling 5 hours (one way) with a wedding cake. Each tier unstacked of course. They'll be in separate boxes, all snug in the back with some foam and/or bubble wrap under each box to cushion. I plan on baking/torting/frosting/decorating in ample time for each tier to "set". And other suggestions from those who have traveled long distances with a wedding cake?Thanks in advance!!
I was just asked today, for the first time, if I would serve the cake. I was very thankful that I had seen on here the discussions about cake cutting fees. Thanks for all the input.
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