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totally agree about the spatulas! I love my mini one. Use it for almost anything.Agbay- Ive been thinking of asking for one for christmas!
Im just curious to hear which basic deco tools you love and cant live without?
Ah great! Thanks SO much!
ahhh. interesting. I looked too and didnt see the post. Good advice. thanks!
Has this happened to you? This is a first for me after many many cakes. Not sure what happened this time. Maybe a trapped air bubble in the filling? I refrigerate my cakes after they are baked, cooled and wrapped in plastic. The next day I tort and fill. I chill the tiers in the fridge as I work. Covered it in fondant and chilled again as per usual.This time when I had it out to decorate a very large air bubble between the buttercream and fondant appeared after about an...
Ahhh, very interesting! I hadnt thought of the other dairy elements as possible problems, just the butter! Makes sense. Thanks VERY much!!
This might be a pretty basic question, but I havent worked with Buttercream much and was curious if I need to refrigerate a cake that has buttercream crumb coat and covered in Fondant? or is it ok to stay out? I usually use non- butter frosting and leave my cakes out, but this time Im doing buttercream and I dont want to get people sick if Im not supposed to leave it unrefrigerated!!!Also- a 2nd buttercream question. Im making some cupcakes with the buttercream icing. Is...
Great- thanks very much for the suggestions. I will give them a whirl.
Im making a Lemon Cake with cupcakes. Id like to do just a swirl of Lemon Icing on the cupcakes. Do any of you have any tried and true recipes for a delicious, thick, fluffly Lemon frosting? Something tart and not overly sweet. Thanks in advance!!!Thanks in advance!
Thanks CakePro! Appreciate your advice.
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