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    Here is the final product...I love how clean and simple it is. Thank you again for everyone's 2 cents!! is where I do my photo editing..I love it!
Thanks to everyone who replied.....all the opinions are much appreciated!    I sent option 2 to my designer...thanks again!
  These are not official logos, just some options I am playing around with. Would love to get some honest opinions/feedback..thanks!
I have never encountered a customer like this one..not sure how to handle this. Customer called on Sunday, ordered cake to be p/u on Wed. Cake was to be a Mountain to feed only 4. Charged customer my minimum order of $75 (explained cake would feed around 15 due to the design). Customer called and asked to change the date to Friday, then emailed and changed the date again to Saturday. Saturday comes, customer p/u cake. Customer returns 20min later to say the cake is not...
I have had my Canon IP3600 for about 8 months now...LOVE IT! My problem now is I can't get it to print solid black. I have cleaned the print head several times and even changed out my black ink cartridges thinking maybe they were faulty...still will not print correctly. At this point I believe I need to replace the print head, my question is this....Do I just replace the print head or go ahead and buy the entire printer since it's only $80? What are your suggestions?
Thanks for the replies...looks like I know what Santa is bringing me this year!Happy Turkey Day!
Has anyone ever seen the Cakeboss Software on sale..perhaps for Black Friday? I am aware of the discount we get through Cakecentral, just wanted to see if I could save a bit more $$!
JenniF...Cupcakes or is no different, as long as the frosting in non-pershiable (meaning it does not require refridgeration)
Thank you all for the responses....After much more research and number crunching I decided a couple months ago to pass up on this opportunity...if it is still availble in a couple of years when my kiddos are both in school full-time then it was meant to be.
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