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Barbanne: thank you for posting a better picture! Tiffany: I agree, the more I look at it, the more I think the pieces are more like cake jewelry that is not edible. Linda: I sent an email to them on their website...hopefully someone will get back to me. The only problem is that her wedding is coming up really soon! Carmijok: I have made a couple of wedding cakes, but I am no where near professional. I need to put some pictures up I wanted to see how difficult...
Hi everyone! I am desperately trying to help my sister create her wedding cake, but I am still learning I am looking for some guidance on replicating a cake. Does anybody know how to make the panels on this cake? Also, I'm thinking the birds are made out of gumpaste but I am not sure either. Any help would be appreciated!
TNTfundraiser: thank you for the info!mama2: that cake sounds delicious...i will have to try guys are the best!
mmmm...that actually does sound good! I was thinking maybe poured vanilla fondant, but I haven't done that either so I think white chocolate would be better! can you color white chocolate with gel colors?
I am making some cake balls for this Sunday and I have some yummy fresh picked lemons so I wanted to use them for the cake flavor. I've never made them before, but from what I can see, everyone dips the balls in chocolate, but lemon and chocolate don't seem like they would go well together Has anyone paired these two flavors together? What would you for the outer coating with lemon cake?
I've had the same problem. I found that if you let them dry for a while before putting them on, it helps. Also, if you have to assemble them beforehand, make sure you do not store it in a covered container. I've done this and the fondant turns to mush...let it breath a little. Hope that makes sense!
Thank you thank you thank you!! I will have to start experimenting now because I have a feeling May will creep on my rather quickly!
Anybody??? I guess I may be alone on this one If anyone out there has any sort of guidance, it would be much appreciated!
Good Afternoon Everybody! I know I have seen some posts on here that incorporate beer into the recipes. I am trying desperately to find some killer recipes that have wine in them. We are planning a bridal shower for my sister and she is a big wine enthusiast who would LOVE some wine cuppies and cake. Does anyone have recipes they could share?? Thanks!
Thank you sooo much for the information. I did notice it was a little on the pricey side, so I wanted input before I order it.
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