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Am I an idiot? What little sprayers from Home Depot? Like a water bottle sprayer? I can't envision what you're talking about, and this sounds like such a great idea!
I used Michelle Foster's, and it will be my first experience with any you think I'm okay to refrigerate it?
I had the same question yesterday about a cake I'm making as a "thank you" this weekend. But I'm confused! If you're not supposed to put fondant in the fridge, but cream cheese must be refrigerated, how does this work to cover cream cheese with fondant? Do you refrigerate afterward?
Thank you so much! I appreciate the help! One more question. Yes, I'm THIS new to fondant! =) What do I cover it with? What's best?
Ah. I didn't even think of that. If I use regular buttercream underneath and make the cake Saturday, will it be okay to eat Monday night if left out on the counter?THANK YOU for the help!
Would cream cheese frosting work under fondant? I'm making my first fondant cake, and I want to make carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, covered with fondant.
Making my cake in a week and a half. Will let you all know how it goes!
THank you! When you painted, did you use dry dust, or did you combine with liquid?
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