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I baked a giant sheet cake, soccer ball cake, and mini-wonder mold cake for a belly cake I'm doing for the first time for a shower on Saturday. Those are all frozen. I'm covering with MFF. I despise shortening. My frostings are all buttercream made with butter. My question is - if I cover the cake in frosting and then cover in fondant, do I have to refrigerate the cake, or does the fondant "preserve" whatever is in the frosting? If so, will the frosting still be good...
LOL - I never even thought of fondant "snakes" as letters. Wow. I feel dense now that you said that! Seems so obvious!! What size PVC have you guys found is best for fondant? I know there are different diamaters or thicknesses or whatever "term" is official for PVC pipe!
Great tips! Thank you so much!With printing stencils, you just print and then cut around them with the actual fondant? How does that work?
HI all,I'm getting ready to make my first big cake project - a pregnant belly cake. I've researched it, but it's my first time working with fondant and I have a few questions:1.) Do I need the Wilton fondant roller, or does a rolling pin work just as well? Couldn't I also use PVC pipe? Seems like essentially the same thing for much cheaper than the 22 dollar Wilton fondant roller at Michaels...2.) Can I cover the display cake board (using 1/2 inch foam board) with...
No one???
HELP!!! I made a batch of MFF and it turned out great. It's resting now. Then I tried to make chocolate MFF, adding chocolate chips to the corn syrup as stated, and subbing some of the powdered sugar with cocoa powder. Everything looked great until I tried to add it all to the powdered sugar in my mixer. I wound up with a chocolate mess. It never came together like fondant. Instead, I have the texture of dirt - some pieces bigger than others, but none of it coming together...
And it's free!!!
Awesome! It turned out great!! Very nice job!!
FullHouse - Did you find any errors within the directions so I can go back and update or was everything pretty spot on?
Thanks to all!
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