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I think it's more an issue of liquid added. I tried paddling, and the excess liquid is sinking to the bottom of the counter. I think it I tried to put this on cake, the moisture would make the cake soggy. Sigh. I guess back to the store and start from scratch (because I don't currently have ingredients to start over). Why oh why did I ever decide to tackle this project???Thanks for advice...and listening to vent.
It's still kinda blobby. When I paddle it, it seems like it just spreads, like the moisture is pulling away from it. Not spreadable. Am I just not doing it long enough? I'm going to keep going while I wait for reply that will hopefully come. THANKS!
When I finish "paddling", do I rewhip it or just spread onto cake?
MY HERO! I will try that now. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
I'm making chocolate buttercream with powdered sugar, whipping cream, vanilla extract, butter extract, salt, and cocoa powder. I think I may have overmixed. It went from thick and creamy to more like a mousse texture that is NOT spreadable. Is there a way to save it? I'm frosting a cake NOW for a work event tomorrow and can't start over! PLEASE HELP!
You guys have made my day not only by answering, but also by providing the answer I was hoping for! Thank you so much!For a Saturday morning cake, I intend on covering in buttercream Friday, putting in fridge for an hour or so, covering in fondant, and just leaving out overnight until I bring it to my friend's shower on Saturday. Sound right?
You guys are AWESOME! Thanks so much for sharing!!!
Anyone? If I use actual BUTTER cream, do I have to refrigerate a fondant cake? Please help! TIA.
Great product rec, Tracey! I'll go buy some of that immediately! Thank you!Anyone - What size PVC have you guys found is best for fondant? I know there are different diameters or thicknesses or whatever "term" is official for PVC pipe, so what roundness is best? I know length will vary depending on size of fondant, but does it matter what size diamater is?
Are you using shortening or butter based buttercream? That's my concern - that if I use butter, I'll HAVE to refrigerate overnight to prevent spoilage.
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