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LOL. It's just for a thing at work with a few friends. It looks, smells, and tastes bad would it be if I just pretend the rest of you never answered and rely solely on Patty's answer?! Ha ha.
So glad it helped!! post pics everyone!!
Darn! Thank you for the responses!
Hi! I made and colored MFF back at the end of November. It has been stored in plastic covered with olive oil and stored in a tupperwear container at room temperature in my pantry. Should I toss it, or is it okay to use on a cake next weekend?THANKS!
No problem! I'm so glad it helps! I love seeing the pics!! are people making the Christmas trees out of cake balls? Is there a turtorial? How do they all stick together so nicely? Is there some base in the middle that I'm not seeing?
So much to consider! Thanks to all for excellent answers and advice.
I have the top portion of a fondant cake left over. It is homemade chocolate cake, buttercream frosting (with butter), and covered in fondant. If I freeze it, will it be good later, or does freezing ruin the fondant? TIA!
Ok. Really dumb question. I just worked with fondant for the first time. Rolled it out on my work area using Crisco. I never work with shortening. I cleaned up and have grease-covered dish towels. Are they ok to go in my washing machine or should I toss them? I only ask because I've read about how it's dangerous to not have a grease trap when using shortening and bla bla bla, but that may only be at bakeries where a LOT of shortening is used. No clue. TIA for any...
I'm sorry. Today was a VERY long long long day. I'm 8 1/2 months pregnant, a full time teacher, ran 3 miles today, and then came home and caked for about 5 hours. I was exhausted when I was posting. I did have butter in the recipe. I forgot to mention that in my list of ingredients. I think I did overbeat it. It was like the liquid was separating and squishing out. It was originally too thick to spread, so I was adding more liquid (cream and milk) to thin it out,...
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