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I can't open this link either.  Help!  Is it working for anyone or does anyone have it saved that you could share?  
Is there any chance I can get a copy emailed to me as well?  I would SO appreciate it!!!  
Is this still 200 plus dollars?  The link isn't working for me.  
Marianna - great job! They look SO good!!!
Thank you so very much! I really appreciate you taking the time to respond!!!Can I ask you one more question without you shooting me dirty emoticons? I'm making a cars cake with fondant decorations - flags, cactus, cones, my son's name in letter cut outs, etc. Should I make them tonight and let them dry out overnight, or will they crack? Party is Saturday, so I'm decorating tomorrow night after iced cakes sit out tonight and settle. Covering with fondant tomorrow and...
Thank you so so so much! So I am putting 14 inch, dab of buttercream, and then 12 inch board with 12 inch cake on top of that, right? Just to make certain...
I'm making a 12 inch/8 inch 2 tiered cake for my sons birthday party. Frosting now, but I don't know what to do. I have it going on a 14 inch cake board, which is already covered. Do I put the 12 inch cake on a 12 inch cake board and then cover all of that with buttercream/fondant and transfer onto the 14 inch board, or do I put the 12 inch cake directly onto the covered 14 inch board right now and frost/cover with fondant directly on that???
Thank you so much! I appreciate it. Can you think of anything obvious that I'm forgetting to list?
Hi all! Any advice is greatly appreciated. I'm doing my son's 2 tier cake and decorating it with buttercream/fondant. It's my first stacked cake and I'm freaking out. I already made the fondant. I already made (and am freezing) two 12-inch cakes and two 8-inch cakes. This is my thought process. PLEASE provide any feedback or things I may be overlooking or days that need to be changed.Wednesday - color fondant. Cut out his name and let name cut outs dry so they wiill...
Is anyone else NOT getting notifications???
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