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Anyone have a link to a tutorial or forum discussing open book cakes? I would also like to find a good one on closed book cakes (not stacked). I have spent the last 90 minutes searching and ran across all kinds of good stuff relating to minor details about this topic but not one good basic post or instructions. Thanks!
According to the matrix provided here, home bakeries are not allowed in most of the states, including Arizona, where I reside. HOwever, I see all kinds of posts about how everyone on here bakes so many cakes, and I'm assuming not everyone can have a store, so where do people bake? What am I missing? Just float underneath the radar and hope no one finds out? I'm sorry if this is the dumbest question ever! I'm obviously a newbie, so I'm just a little confused about how...
I don't get it. I thought home baking was not allowed in AZ.
LOL. I'm here to get to a point where I can someday know enough to actually decorate a cake worthy of being uploaded!
This website is the best! Thank you all for the helpful links and insight. Everyone on here is so helpful and friendly. Where are the people like this in the "real world"?! LOL. THank you all again!
Thank you for the awesome link! That helps tremendously!!
Ah! Thank you all so much for the help/links!
Thank you for the link! Helps tremendously!
Okay, I'm obviously a newbie, not only to CC, but to cake decorating in general. Everyone in here uses so much lingo and so many acronyms. Someone help me out! What do all of these common terms mean? SMBC and FBCT and RIC and so many other abbreviations. Anyone have a guide or something with the common terminology. I would so greatly appreciate it!
What does the acronym SBC stand for? YEs, I'm a total newbie! Thanks!
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