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I hope it works out well!  Post pics!!!  I want to do an open bible in March!
AH!  So exciting!!!  Mine hasn't left the shop yet, but I'm hoping soon!  It only took about a week for you to receive it after you placed your order?
Thank you MaisondeLeveque for alerting me to the sale!  I have been looking at the few places that carry the 8 and have also not seen it anywhere near that "cheap."  Ordered mine on Saturday and can't wait for it to arrive!!!  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!
Anyone know if Kitchenaid Mixers go on insane sales on Black Friday?  I've been holding out til then, but I don't see the 8 quart going much cheaper than 550, even on Black Friday.  Kohls always has killer Black Friday sales but they don't carry the 8 quart.  It's still 699 on Amazon...
Ahhhhhhh! 550 is cheapest I've seen!! I was waiting To see sales at Black Friday but I don't know it it'll get any cheaper! Anyone know kitchenaid BF sales history?? Do they typically have crazy sales?
This may be a dumb question, but if I buy the bundle, can I use it for cakes AND paper???
update us please!!!  I am also curious!  
Thanks for the info on refurbished - I'm looking into that now!
Thank you all for the wonderful feedback.  I'll be waiting to get the 7!  NOw I just need to decide to buy now for 550 on sale or wait until November Black Friday and see what happens to pricing.    Regarding the freebie - NO!  They won't do the rebate on the 7.  I called yesterday before posting, and they told me no, the 7 doesn't qualify.  I said, "That makes no sense.  You'd be PENALIZING me for spending MORE money on your product."  And they stood by it.  VERY...
Thank you for replying!  Do you get THAT much more out of a 7 than a 6?  That's my hold up.  Why pay THAT much more AND no Khols cash AND no attachment if I can't mix THAT much more batter...   If I can, then it's absolutely a no brainer!!!
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