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I lightly dusted my most recent cake with pearl dust. I simply dipped my food safe paint brush in the pearl dust and then held the paint brush over the lightly crusted cake and tapped the brush so the dust would fall off. The more you do it the more light sparkle you get.
I have found that is more about the flavoring you use then the recipe but in answer to your question, I use Indydebi's Buttercream Recipe that you can find here on this site. I use Lorann Gourmet Double Strength Vanilla for my flavoring. It has an incredible flavor to it! Just remember if you do use it that because it is a double strength vanilla that you should only use half of what the recipe calls for. Hope this helps. Good luck with your cupcakes!
The entire sail is done in the piping gel
I have seen so many amazing cakes done with piping gel that I decided to do one with it. It is a gorgeous sailboat but when I tasted the gel after the cake was finished, it has a weird after taste!! I can't give this to the people who ordered it! Any tips on how to fix it? Has anyone else had trouble with gel tasting weird?HELP! This cake is due at 5 pm Central time TODAY!!!!!
Does anyone on here have Wilton's cooling racks? I do and I love them but today I saw a TV show that suggested using a cooling rack in the oven to bake chicken on. Does anyone know if these cooling racks are oven proof? I have checked Wilton's site and it does not answer this question. So I am here hoping someone will know. Thanks
Pricing is SO hard. But the best I can tell you is to go to wilton's website and search for Cake Price Calculator 1.4 in their forums. Once you have uploaded this to your computer, you can go to EDIT and set the prices to a range that you like. I thought theirs were to high. Use that as a guideline. Hope this helps. Good Luck!
I have been looking at lots of cakes today that have these designs with swirly or "squiggly" lines all over them. I would LOVE to try and make a cake that looks like that! Does anyone have tips on that. All the lines just look so precise and in an exact place to look the way they do when they are done. How do you know where to place them so they turn out so beautifully? I am open to any and all tips! Thanks for your help. Hebberd
I just did a cake for a friend who wanted a Marble Fudge Cake. I mixed it exactly according to the directions but when I went to level the top of the cake I found that the fudge part had all risen to the top of the cake not stayed mixed in with the rest of the cake. Once I leveled it there was almost no chocolate left in the cake. What did I do wrong? Have others had this happen too? The cake was a 9 inch round. (My purple Roses cake in my pictures if you want to see...
I have purchased sets from Wilton that you gently press into your frosting and then all you have to do is trace over the imprints with your BC. The one set from Wilton is called: Italic Make-Any Message Letter Press Set. Check them out! They are worth the price!!
Look on this site for "Indydebi's Crisco-Based Buttercream Icing" I use it on all my cakes and LOVE it. If you are trying to make flowers just add more Powdered Sugar or less milk. Hope this will help. Good Luck
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