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I've never found the need to use a cake board on the top. I just use my flat scrapper around the sides and make sure that I keep it at a right (90 degree) angle. I'm not sure the top would slide off as neatly using BC as it would the ganache. but then again...don't knock it til you try it, right?
Yes, I agree that a spot light will help with your shadows!
I think it has more to do with your camera set-up; but I have found that turning OFF the flash on mine gives me more details when taking those close-up shots. just a thought:)
WOW! What great responses to this issue...I thought for sure I was the only one:) I started this forum for a wedding cake I did on April 6th. I ended up having to use American Buttercream (with just a little butter) because the bride was set on a white cake (I didn't want to take any chances). This is the recipe I used that turned out so yellow initially: 1 c. liquid egg whites (or 4 large egg whites) 2 c. sugar 6 sticks butter (half salted, half unsalted -...
I saw the pics of your first fondant did a WONDERFUL job on it! you'll be hooked before you know it:) Good luck to you!
I wouldn't recommend that you leave it uncovered for long...try adding PS or a bit of Tylose (hardening agent). You are right, humidity will effect the MMF tremendously! also try cutting out your shapes and then leaving uncovered for a couple minutes...that will help them set up and prevent the stretching. I'm thinking that the 'weather' is your most difficult enemy...and just not a lot you can do to prevent that:) Hope this helps!
Thanks for the tips. I'm going to make another test batch this w/e with Walmart brand butter and/or try adding either Wilton White White or a tiny bit of violet. I feel the need to test it because whatever I do to make it whiter, I don't want to change the taste nor the texture (it's super easy to work with - smoothing).
Thanks for all your help; you guys are the best resource!! Now I need to go shopping for butter:) Thanks, again!!
No, I never use margarine (and I'm not offended...LOL). However, having thought about it...I may have used a store brand unsalted you think that's the culprit?? Would a brand like 'Land-o-Lakes', for example, have less dye in it. How will I know before purchasing it? I'm only a hobby baker, so i do my shopping at the grocery or 'big box' stores rather than whole foods. Does anyone know a particular brand of butter I should look for??
I suppose it was the brand of butter I used; it didn't look that yellow until I put the cakes on those bright white plates though. But I can see the brides point...and I need to fix it!
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