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I did this tutorial 4yrs ago.
I probably should have erased the 2x2 servings, not sure exactly what it is that Wilton does, but it's not 2x2, sorry about that! I used the cakulator for both sides for a 3" pan size. I have no idea why the 6" cake has the same amounts on both sides.
Is this any better? Numbers are based on the cakulator! I just really liked the chart and now the numbers are more correct...or I hope!
Check this out by! I thought it was so awesome I printed it out for my book and refer to it often!
Thank you for your opinions and I agree with both of you! As far as the cheque is concerned I don't get that back in the mail from the bank. So therefore I thought getting her sign a receipt would be better.
I'm giving the bride a 100% refund and a free cake! Yes I have been depressed ever since and I guess I was looking for a little pity as I don't run a "business" and I'm just a home baker doing this as a hobby. But enough with that as I'm picking my head up and doing what is right! Thought.....when I give her the refund should I get her to sign a paper showing there was a refund? She gave me cash for the cake and I am giving her cash back, but she got a receipt when she...
 That is very well writen! Thank you and I may use it ;)
I have already offered the refund the day of the wedding to the mother (who paid for it) when she arrived at the horrifying scene! I didn't stop apologizing and will do so again. I have told them to give me a call when the wedding is over and settled down! I am waiting for their call. I did everything in my power that I could. I just thought coming on here someone would pick my spirits up instead of making me feel worse. Thanks for all your time, happy baking to you all!
 But I didn't just leave it!!!
 It's not? Can someone send me a link on where to purchase it please?
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