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Fabulous job! Glad you and your cake made it to the party in one piece. Hope you had a great time.
Looks great, nice work.
Does anyone have a good Guava and Cream Cheese filling recipe and when using cream cheese as a filling does the cake need to be refridgerated or can I leave it on the counter? I appreciate it!
How can I make a gumpaste stork? Any help would be appreciated.
What is the best way of making an Octopus as a topper for a cake?
Congrats! Looks lovely, good luck to you.
Good Luck! The 80's were all about disco for me, but that was a strange decade. Have fun. Post a pic when done.
It's absolutely lovely, Great Job!
Congratulations and Best of Luck!
Does anyone know where I can purchase a 3D fairy mold?
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