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it is a special maching that actually stamps the cookie; not an edible image. these machines are very pricey (thousands).... i forget what they're called
My good friend is graduating from nursing school and i'd like to make her cookies as a gift. any ideas and pics would be greatly appreciated
never did this myself, but maybe you could thin out your fondant with water till its the consistency of icing?
unfortunately, it took me too many freebies and discounts to realize this; know what i do now?When someone asks for this, i tell them that when i get an order from their referrel, i'll be happy to offer something on their next order. That really gets 'em!
Same thing happened to me when i was asked to make cookies for a school fundraiser a few years ago. Since then, anytime i get asked to bake something, i do simple chocolate chip cookies or brownies! I also used to make lots of freebies and gave huge discounts to people who promised to refer me or advertise for me. Not anymore! To date i've not gotten even ONE order stemming from a freebie or disounted order!
Have you tried warming your regular buttercream?How much in advance can this be done?
I tried one recipe for poured fondant and it just absorbed into the cupcake as well.
i tried dipping in glace but it just dripped down into the cupcake and then the cupcake actually absorbed it. ddaigle, do they crack at all when moving or decorating? does the royal absorb into the cake at some point?
No, not bone hard. Just firm so it covers the top of the cupcake without having to use fondant. Tx
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