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I have in my cake contract about outside weddings, I'm not responsible if the cake is set outside and a problem with the cake develops due to outdoor conditions ( heat, wind, rain, Humidity, sudden storm, unstable ground, sprinklers, animals, etc)I also take a picture of the cake after it is set up to prove that it was in perfect condition when I leftmy brides are aware of this at the time they orderyou are not responsible!!
This is why I love CC, just when you think your the only one who deals with "it's just cake" people someone comes up with a post about it...My favorite is I need the 3 tier cake for 15 people, lol, i get that so muchwhat ever you do don't bend, your work takes time, the "real cake" people will pay your price for a custom cake and come back for more
piping gel and vodkaI put piping gel in the micowave to soften it and then add vodka to thin it, the vodka will remove any sticky out of the piping geljust paint it on with a brushit leaves a a great shine
I did buy the clear heavy stuff, and thanks for the tip on rolling itI love the tip for the cookies, I will have to try it
its great, you can put all your recipes on itI have it loaded on my lap top, I set it on my counter when Im baking and have all my recipes at my fingertipsit keeps track of you customers, orders and also has a was worth every penny
I read on one of the forums that you can use a plastic table cloth to roll out your fondant, so I went to Walmart and found in their fabric department a roll of clear 54" plastic table cloth material, I bought a yard.I just have to say WOW! this stuff works was enough to cut a large piece to roll out my fondant with little powered sugar and I also cut a small piece to roll out smaller things like bows, flowers and figures. I even used it for sugarveil, nothing...
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