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I use Sugar Shack's ganache recipe (Nestle semisweet chocolate chips and heavy cream). I do not add any flavoring. I apply the ganache directly to the cake and never, ever have had it separate from the cake when cut. In fact it is difficult to get the ganache off the cake when eating a slice.
Ohhhh yes I can imagine the excitement! I felt the same way when I ordered mine over a year ago. The best cake toy I have ever purchased and worth every penny. No more crying and yelling and nasty words when I Ievel and torte cakes.I also have the mat and I do use it every time I roll fondant which is not that often as this is my hobby. I like it and I don't like it. I do not use it as they designed it - picking up the whole piece of fondant with the mat. I pick up...
Please but back the additional photos that we all posted when we originally put our cakes photos on the site. And why did you remove the views and favorites from the main page of MY PHOTOS? Sometimes not everything new is great and some of the old things should have stayed.
Get rid of the pop ups and make your advertising smaller for heavens sake. It takes up as much room as the main part of the page. You have made this site very annoying. Also why did you remove additional photos on photos of MY CAKES? I took the time and put several pics for each of my cakes and now they are not there. Unless I can't find them in your confusing improved site.
Your are going to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! I have a lot of cake stuff for a hobby baker and my Agbay is by far the best purchase I have ever made. And my husband agrees as he does not have to listen to my ranting and crying any longer when I level or torte a cake.
My two DVD's and cake toys arrived today also!!! I will be watching them tomorrow instead of football!
I agree - it is very irritating!
Plastic container - standing up.
Nice for people that don't have to go to work.
Just wait until you try and work with that pistel with the little "thingies" around the bottom (Sharon's tutorial). I have made over 3 dozen tulips (I am serious) and I still don't have one that I like. I have tried several different centers and they all look ugly.Has anyone been able to find the tulip tutorial from the Cake Fu site? I would love to see it.Sharon's method is the same as Jennifer Dontz's and I even took a class from Jen where we made the tulips and I...
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