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Thank you for the instructions! I think I'll give this a try for teacher appreciation gifts!
Thanks for the tip!
I love the ease and taste of MMF on cookies. This week, however, I made a simple pumpkin shape cookie and covered it with orange MMF. I then piped the veins and stems of the pumpkin in royal icing. I let the cookies dry overnight and when I packaged the cookies the next day the royal icing just crumbled off. Any thoughts on why this happened or advice on how to avoid it in the future would be appreciated. Thanks!
Thank you, Loucinda. I'll try that. Any other suggestions? I've never used a white gel color -- might that help?
Actually, the bride requested no fondant. American buttercream is an option but she preferred the SMBC.
I have been practicing SMBC for an upcoming wedding order. The bride wants a white and black color scheme yet the SMBC has such a yellow tone (obviously, because of the butter). Switching to a clear vanilla extract did little to help. Any suggestions for a whiter effect would be appreciated!
That cake can be found on the blog site of "Jessicakes." I did not save the lphoto, myself, but read the creator's blog which includes a little of her process.
Your cookies and packaging are perfect. I have just begun fiddling with cookies, myself. But, as I study your pictures, I cannot fathom how you created the "tequila" text on the cookie. Could you please explain that technique -- it would be appreciated.
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