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Haha, I do it all the time and my boyfriend thinks I'm insane. I probably am insane for staying up odd hours in the day and night cake decorating on a daily basis. None of my cakes have dared to speak back to me, however they decide to retaliate instead. I figured out that being sweet to my cakes and motivating them actually helps them look prettier. I guess I'm a weirdo but hey, I love my job!
Yeah, I totally agree. I always try to work within someones budget. Just because you can't afford to get a HUGE "Ace of Cakes" style cake, doesn't mean you can't have one at all. I totally understand that its for a lot of people and the budget is kind of small but, what about doing a small cake and some plain cupcakes on the side? Its cost effective and she's still somewhat getting what she wants.
You know what, you're right and I did take part of the blame. I made that cake when I first started and I did mention that she was one of my old high school friends. I wasn't expecting her to NEVER pay me, especially since I personally knew her. You live and you learn right? Since then I've been requiring deposits and I stated on my site that if you don't pay the other half by the time the cake is being picked up, the cake is a no go.
Or I can just report her to the bank, which is becoming my choice right about now. People are jerks.I asked her what is she going to tell her daughter when she looks back at her first birthday pictures in 10 years and says "wow mom where'd you get that cake from?!?! it must've been expensive!" I mean is she supposed to say "honey I stole that cake!". lol!!!
bobwonderbuns oh I've been giving her a pretty bad reputation. All of her friends who ask me about her cake get a response such as "Oh, you mean the one she never paid for?". You know, just in case she decides to get nasty about why I'm nagging her to pay me.
Well here's my worst "momzilla" customer story:For about 4 months I had this young mother bug me over a Ni Hao Kai Lan cake (which is in my albums btw). I mean, ask me every single day about the cake for FOUR whole months. She wanted me to make her a "sample" cake to test my skills and evaluate whether I can do the cake or not. I found that kind of insulting in the way, but I brushed it off and let her know in the kindest way that I know what I'm doing, I have made several...
You can only start a home business baking cakes if your state allows it. Look into the "cottage law" and see where your state falls.
I've had several people who try to pull that whole "I've got an issue" thing so they can't pay full price for a cake. Sometimes they play the pity card on you just to see how much they can get out of you and you're right, you shouldn't buy it. However, that doesn't mean its always right to give them the bird and say "go to walmart and get your $16.99 cake". You could've fit her price range by offering her other options such as butter cream instead of fondant, a plastic...
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