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Critique you? I'd like to doe-pop you - but in a loving, suppportive, completely positive, though majorly jealous way. First tiered or fiftieth - that is a really fantastic cake. The whole thing - design, execution, color scheme - the whole nine yards. Kudos.
I have one that came in a Wilton set my sister picked up at a garage sale for about ten cents. I am totally serious when I say if you want it, and want to disclose your address, I will mail it to you!
I think I might have known that, Jason - and I definitely meant no offense or disrespect to anyone's belief system. I have just personally found - after overcoming a long history of some well-taught passive aggressive behavior - that if I align myself in my daily walk these things generally tend to take care of themselves and I have much less about which to kvetch. That said, I do not operate a business, so technically I don't even have a cat in this fight. My goodness -...
Anybody ever heard of "vengeance is mine, saith the Lord"?
I think it's cute. Prolly the only folks who make something negative of it are the ones with weird things hidden in the back of their closets...........
My daughter is getting married in September and we would like to mimic the ruching effect from the bodice of the dress on a smallish - maybe two tiered - cutting cake. Have any of you talented cakesters found a way to achieve this with buttercream? I searched the galleries, but either searched wrong or there just isn't anything......If it attached, here is a pic of the dress. If not.........
I personally love these people. They remind me that, no matter what my husband thinks, I'm NOT the biggest dumbbutt on the planet.
I think it's just as big a travesty to charge celebs ignorant prices for things just because "they can afford it."
Thank you - right back atcha!!!
Actually, her base price is $100. I believe she meant the starting price for that particular cake would be $300 ($5 per serving/60 servings).
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