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I think it's just as big a travesty to charge celebs ignorant prices for things just because "they can afford it."
Thank you - right back atcha!!!
Actually, her base price is $100. I believe she meant the starting price for that particular cake would be $300 ($5 per serving/60 servings).
Mine is really simple, but I was proposed to twice because of it....1 pound salted butter2 packages cream cheese2 pounds powdered sugarheavy whipping cream - amount depends on desired consistencyI just let the butter and cream cheese soften until I can beat them together. Then, I sift in the powdered sugar a bit at a time. The cream goes in just whenever. And that's it!
Oh wow. The second I read the title of your post my brain went "duh! for the minis!!! why didnt I think of that?!?!" I make tons of cupcakes and HATE trying to transport them. That is a fantastic idea! Welcome and thanks for sharing!!! (I like the exclamation points!!!)
Although I dont think melted chocolate could ever hurt anything, I have never tried it. I did want to let you know that when I make chocolate buttercream I just add cocoa and, instead of adding salt, I use salted butter and leave out the salt. For some reason, it seems bland to me when I do it the regular way. I have no idea why and it might only be a personal preference, but I thought I'd at least let you know. Happy Thanksgiving!
Thanks y'all! Apparently my fears were unfounded!
Thank you! I am no longer afraid! Tonite we have cake!!!
Do you beat it again? Or just stir it up?
I finally decided to try freezing it instead of throwing it out or having too much cake at once. But now, I'm scared of it. I keep looking at it, but whenever I've needed batter, I just made new. Do you thaw it in the fridge? On the counter? Will the cake still rise? It keeps staring at me like "Go ahead - thaw me. I dare ya." At the very least, I want my Tupperware container back!
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