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Anybody ever heard of "vengeance is mine, saith the Lord"?
I think it's cute. Prolly the only folks who make something negative of it are the ones with weird things hidden in the back of their closets...........
My daughter is getting married in September and we would like to mimic the ruching effect from the bodice of the dress on a smallish - maybe two tiered - cutting cake. Have any of you talented cakesters found a way to achieve this with buttercream? I searched the galleries, but either searched wrong or there just isn't anything......If it attached, here is a pic of the dress. If not.........
I personally love these people. They remind me that, no matter what my husband thinks, I'm NOT the biggest dumbbutt on the planet.
I think it's just as big a travesty to charge celebs ignorant prices for things just because "they can afford it."
Thank you - right back atcha!!!
Actually, her base price is $100. I believe she meant the starting price for that particular cake would be $300 ($5 per serving/60 servings).
Mine is really simple, but I was proposed to twice because of it....1 pound salted butter2 packages cream cheese2 pounds powdered sugarheavy whipping cream - amount depends on desired consistencyI just let the butter and cream cheese soften until I can beat them together. Then, I sift in the powdered sugar a bit at a time. The cream goes in just whenever. And that's it!
Oh wow. The second I read the title of your post my brain went "duh! for the minis!!! why didnt I think of that?!?!" I make tons of cupcakes and HATE trying to transport them. That is a fantastic idea! Welcome and thanks for sharing!!! (I like the exclamation points!!!)
Although I dont think melted chocolate could ever hurt anything, I have never tried it. I did want to let you know that when I make chocolate buttercream I just add cocoa and, instead of adding salt, I use salted butter and leave out the salt. For some reason, it seems bland to me when I do it the regular way. I have no idea why and it might only be a personal preference, but I thought I'd at least let you know. Happy Thanksgiving!
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