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I would also love a reason, but don't really think there is a concrete one.  I have baked four dozen cupcakes from the same batter, in the same wrappers, and in the same oven and had anywhere from 0-3 from each pan pull away.  So anything I've tried to decide was the culprit never held up.  I decided it was punishment for past sins. :)
When I do them, I use the clear bags and tie the fork right onto the bag in one easy package. :)
The best part about this story is the fact that we have a set of people who can still recognize that it's CAKE and didn't throw a dang hissy about the mistake.  They are my hero of the month.
Until he died, my pappaw insisted on cake, candles and balloons.  It's just the way it is.  That said, I think MOST days without cake are impossible.  We have celebrated Bastille Day, my mom's birthday, and the invention of the tennis shoe in my office just to have cake. No one in the scope of my conscienceness is gonna have a birthday without at least a cupcake.  Period.
I did the same thing.  I beat the butter and peanut butter together and then added the powdered sugar until it was the right consistency.  Then a bit of vanilla.  Tastes like peanut butter fudge!
Structure. My cakes are wonky no matter what I do. Crumbly, uneven. And this an instance where practice isn't making perfect it's making bigger britches.
Although I know the difference between good and bad, I sometimes get a craving for Kroger buttercream - I know, and I even admitted it on here.  That said, I do not subscribe to the theory that supermarket whipped icing is even a food product.  I can smell it from across the room and won't even approach it.  With THAT said, I tasted the chocolate Kool-Whip frosting and it was actually pretty good. Kinda like those Wendy's Frosty things.
Ooh - that sounded way harsher than I meant it to. This is why I don't post that often. Sorry.
I don't guess anyone ever heard of telling a child that they can't necessarily have everything?
I think you need a vacation.
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