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I don't guess anyone ever heard of telling a child that they can't necessarily have everything?
I think you need a vacation.
I am extremely easy going to the point that I will inconvenience myself to keep someone else from being inconvenienced.  That said, if I were paying a professional for professional services, "I just found out that I'm going out of town that weekend" would not hold water.  It truly isn't up to them to have to understand that their cake will still be fresh.
I once heard that pizza was like s*x - there is no bad, just some is better than others.  I think this is also true for cuppies.  Never met one I didnt like. :)
I'm thinking my response would something like BLEEEEEEEEEP.    The very reason I would not, could not, should not ever bake for profit.
Amazing, no doubt. But I still prefer my cakes to be edible.  It's just a personal preference.
I agree with Jen.  Passive-aggressive and anything even slightly related gives me a rash.  Just causes things to bubble and makes room for resentment to grow.  Be open and up front. Contact her and gently but firmly address it.
I raised three boys and one not-so-girly girl. I gravitate toward the girly stuff because I never get to haaaaaaave it.  That was a petulant, wailing girly whine there at the end, in case ya missed it.  :)
If they ask, they get to chip in. If I offer, it's all free.
I feel so much better now.  I'm no finicky eater, but that just sounded gross.  :)
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