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I had the same question recently and found that any cinnamon oil I tried had the "candy" cinnamon flavor. I wound up using really really finely ground cinnamon, but you could still see it. So, I gave up the fight and sprinkled more on the top. Mine was just for banana-nut cupcakes, though, so I didn't have the decorative issues. Was pretty yummy, though.........
That was exactly my point. I have zero head for business. Take that back - I have zero interest in business. I am a researcher/statistician by day and the cake thing was to be my counter-balance to keep me from going insaner (not a typo - already a bit insane.)I think that once I did one cake and heard all the "omg - you should do this for money....blah blah blah blah) I lost my head for a second. I simply do not care a bit about getting rich of cakes, even in the...
I think it's important to remember that people simply do not know what it takes to crank out these types of cakes. I know this, because I was one of them. I decided I could do it for family and friends and give people the benefit of high-end cakes for low-end prices. I felt all philanthropic and crap. But, let me tell you, after trying to do three cakes in one weekend (I have a full-time job and hour away from my home) I almost commited cake-icide. I cannot fault the...
I did notice that on the Big Sweet Things page you have the phrase "Whether you choose to incorporate the lace on your dress, the colour theme, or the flowers in your bouquet." as a stand-alone sentence. It's actually just a sentence fragment. Not a huge deal, but I was a technical writer for years and I tend to zero in on things like that. Also, I have to know - what is a Jamaican Black Cake?
I have had fantastic results using whatever juice or drink mix as a replacement liquid in my batter.
If you think they might, just make you some wrappers to go around them. My cupcakes are never that pretty so I found a way to disguise them! And, you can make them to perfectly match the theme of the party.
Nevermind. I'm a dork. Read the forum before I looked at the pics this afternoon.
I am so glad you posted this! I feel like I haunt this site like someone with nothing else to do, yet I completely missed seeing your cake. It is gorgeous!
I am far from an expert, but I cannot believe that cake did that without some sort of avoidable mishap. I don't know how well you know these people, and am not questioning their ethics or honesty, BUT that cake looked fantastic and perfectly balanced and stable. It really, really just does not add up.
I just recently made margarita cupcakes. I just used the margarita frozen drink mix in place of the liquid in the cake mix and the tiniest taste of sweetened lime juice in the buttercream frosting. I have also used the Coco Lopez cream of coconut in my cake batters. It gives the really good taste of coconut without the texture of coconut that so many people seem to dislike.
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