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This will get me remanded to the cheap seats, but what the heck. The only fudge I have ever had consistent luck with is Fantasy Fudge - the recipe on the back of marshmallow creme.  Nothing else tastes like fudge to me anymore.
THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS - YOU NAILED IT ---you mean when the original poster explains their problem and (very few but one is too many) responding posters think, "i can not only re-word this problem back to everyone with some colorful language I can also have some fun at op's expense plus get rid of some aggression right here right now-- step back, girls, let a pro handle this, i own a business"--- Not only here, but on just about every fricking forum about every fricking...
Everyone always seems to forget how they got Capone. Tax folks don't play.
Not sure about the baking part, but Elegant Cheesecakes out of California has been wrapping their cheesecakes in modeling chocolate and what they call "chocolate paper" for at least ten or fifteen years. Good luck!
My "blue" velvet turned out a rather funky army-ish green. Great if I ever need a camo theme. But if you really want blue, just remember what the cocoa will do to the food coloring. That said, I'm way on the novice end of things, so that could be part of it.
Not if ya want it done right!
There are several types of battery operated lights that you could get. The tea light ones actually could disguise them somehow......
      Like these?
If you search "drippy icing fondant cake" I think you'll find what you need.
Chai factoid. This is just one of the reasons you are so well loved around here. That's awesome.
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