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Go for it. It's a fantastic idea - you can set the precedent, if nothing else. Remember - at one time, everything hadn't been done before.
What if you frost them in chocolate and maybe make some brightly colored fondant embellishments? It's like playing with play-doh and sooooooooo much fun!
I don't understand all the muhahahaing. Are you planning to poison them or something?
I, for one, am glad that some folks still insist on writing on cakes. If not for these people, Cake Wrecks would not exist and I would lose much of the joy out of my twisted life.
It's beautiful. Not even a question. Give it to her now.
I once had a prima donna "friend" who tried to convince me she had no sweat glands. She was just that much of a princess. Sorry, but I would have to put this girl in the same category.
If you want the coconut flavor without with texture that so many people seem to hate, Coco Lopez is fantastic. It's by the margarita mixes and such.
Have you checked out Doug's stuff? I don't know for sure if he has a dinosaur plan worked out, but he's pretty much worked out everything else under the sun.............
I think that's why I like the salted butter. I hate to measure "dashes and pinches" and my measuring spoons, the last time I saw them, were in the I just lean on the salted butter and dont add any salt. We can probably see why I am just an occasional baker......
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