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Ya know, I have been a bride. I am pretty spoiled. But I can tell you, big fat honking wedding or not, I could never ever be a part of making someone cry, knowing that someone put as much time and effort into something for me as you obviously did for that person. Things happen. It was a friggin' cake. I am so so so sorry for your pain and it makes me angry at people I don't even know for acting like that over CAKE!
Is she going with any particular group, or for a specific purpose?
Too much icing. Hmmmmm. Is this even possible?
You are a REALLY REALLY good wife.
Too much chocolate? What is this insanity of which you speak!??!
You really seem to have a knack for this. I love your basketweave cake, but I kinda thought that the little bee guy - although adorable - was a little cartoony compared to the prettiness of the rest of the cake. Your breast cancer cake flowers and the wigglies on the bottom layer were really beautiful, too. I wasn't crazy about the ribbon on the top, but I think that might have been the angle of the picture as much as anything. I totally loved the border of tiny...
But, just to be clear, I do appreciate a healthy layer of buttercream under that sweet, chewy stuff!
Some of the biggest fun I ever had was watching kids pull the fondant off a cake once they realized that everything "sproinging"off of it was edible. The adults were horrified and the kids thought that I was the bomb. I think if people would just look at fondant in its own category, they would realize it's just a sweet piece of chewy stuff. That's fine dining in my book.
Just gotta clock in on this one. It's's cake.....don't like sweet? Eat a french fry.
Seriously? I bought red and black SI because those colors are a b*tch to make and I really like them.
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