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Not the only one Blue - just the only one ballsy enough to say it! But I'm not hating the cakers - only the cakes!
Welcome! You will love it here. We have action, drama, love, hate, mystery, tragedy, comedy - you name it!
"Ughhhh - never made one - and my plan is to never make one. I think they are tacky - Bluehue"Thank you Blue! I so concur!!!!
I still wonder why someone who cannot hold a job thinks they should have a $200 cake. I work hard and I don't get $200 cakes.
I already commented in your gallery, but I'll say again - it's great! I am a big fan of Halloween having grown up in the era where it was not evil, just great fun. We always turned our church fellowship hall and parsonage into haunted houses so I think it's cool cool cool! Your cake is very well done!
Every time I have put the flowers on the day before, they have all softened, even with a very high ratio of gumpaste. Just my experience.
Several years ago, I read a book by Erma Bombeck who said, and I quote "There is no known blue food." I do not even remember the context, but it has stuck with me. That probably has precious little to do with the price of tea in China, but sometimes things can start as small as that.
Gumpaste! At least a 50/50 ratio or I can never get them to harden up enough.
There are cans of caramel in the hispanic food section of some grocery stores - WalMart for sure, but not Brookshires. It's called La Lachere (or something like that) and it makes regular caramel taste like beets. It's in a squatty little can like Eagle Brand milk and it incorporates into buttercream and such with wonderful results!
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