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Cool! Thanks bunches!!!
Dang! When I saw the topic I was all excited about telling you about this - but you already know. You can also tie a fork to the top for easy eating! This is one of the best ideas ever - do you know who gets the credit for the original idea?
After it has come to room temp, I chill mine in the fridge sitting in a bowl of ice water for about an hour. It whips up beautifully.
Take a look at the most recent cake in my gallery and see if it is anything like what you are wanting. Let me know if it is because it was the easiest thing I have ever tried and could be done so many different ways.
Mmmmmmmmmm. I grew up on that cake. My mouth is watering. I am gonna be of no help at all because that seems like a bad memory waiting to happen. You could do it if you cooled the icing first, but then it kinda loses part of its charm. It's a delicious cake, though! Good luck!
Welcome! First of all, your English is better than half the people I work with! Secondly - OMG! Your stuff is fantastic! It will be awesome seeing what your next creation is!
When people (like me) look at your pics (which I just did) and tell you (which I am) that they would definitely be more than glad to pay you for your work (which I would if I lived closer), then I think you could safely assume you're ready.Seriously, I have zero head for business, and questionable caking skills, but I do know quality and your work is unquestionably up to par.
And just to interject something I think every single time this comes up - just because someone says they can "tell the difference" doesn't mean they are necessarily slamming one and touting the other. I can tell the difference, but that doesn't keep me from enjoying whatever I decide to eat for what it is. And furthermore, if a person is all that "health conscious" and discerning about every little thing they consume, how much cake do they eat anyway?
Not the only one Blue - just the only one ballsy enough to say it! But I'm not hating the cakers - only the cakes!
Welcome! You will love it here. We have action, drama, love, hate, mystery, tragedy, comedy - you name it!
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